Laetitia Violet

Lv Home Spa is celebrating family for over 100 years. This vocation of providing welfare to others, come from my grandfather Mr Violet louis born in Versailles in 1897. During the First World War, to the Verdun front, he was practicing these donations chiropractor and quacks, a gift which led later to work with the greatest cyclists of the Vel D'hiv, Rohrbach, Anquetil and other personalities like Henry Genes.

Having inherited his talent, Laetitia went to work in London in one of the largest 5 star hotels in Kensington High Street. She has developed an unparalleled expertise that has enabled him to work in contact with celebrities such as Owen Coyle, Dolores (Cramberries group) and Ségolène Royal.

Become a trainer in aesthetic and ritual body, it has to implement his knowledge and passion in the beauty school and makeup Studio Art Academy in France France, where she teaches the body.

Now official trainer for Evadesens Cosmetic, brand whose sole purpose: respect nature with products made primarily through a "green chemistry". Unique concept in France: travel, exotic scents and rituals unique body care.

Lv Home Spa offers exceptional training in the most beautiful SPA or seminar rooms in France. Enjoy and let enjoy your sign made beauty has a unique technology and know-how transgenerational.




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